Saturday, October 17, 2009

9:00 a.m......the buzzards were circling....the campfires were cold....

Oh..........if only this baby could talk.
You cannot buy those orange leaves at Hobby Lobby.
Today's view from the porch off my bedroom....nary a buzzard in sight.
.........and it sounds as good as it looks.
Black Fox (the paint color) Big Bertha.......the pride of Webster County.
Track for the sliding bathroom door.
This is where I will keep twist ties, rubber bands, carry-out menus, and my fake bubba teeth.
And this cupboard will house Cheetos, Hot Tamales and Wasabi-flavored almonds.
It seems that Michael and Jason have gone screaming and waving their arms.....into the sunset. (Again.)
Look up.....wood strips on the ceiling for attaching the cedar.....sample cedar straight ahead.
Look up, again.......wood strips on the ceiling for the cedar AND new track lights.

9:00 a.m......the buzzards were circling.....the campfires were cold.....and not another single, solitary person was in sight. I had the whole place to myself and plenty of time to check on the week's progress. It appears that theworkshop 308 boys have been very busy. Bless their hearts.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Excitement level: fevered pitch.

Excitement level: fevered pitch. Progress: whiplash speed. Buzz: never-ending.
And that is not ALL due to the cabinet man's speedy recovery from the flu. Stuff is happening. I'll have some pictures in a day or two. Cabinets are looking awesome. I will be surrounded by smartness and splendor for the first time in many, many years......cabinet-wise, I mean. Some of the windows have gotten an eyebrow treatment, never previously duplicated in this civilization, to facilitate proper rain management. Three square light fixtures and a porch light have been installed. Berms and landscaping are being passionately discussed. A conservation agent has been contacted. Kitchen appliances have been selected and purchased.
Most of the plumbing fixtures have been tested successfully. The heat works. The air-conditioning works. Ditches have been dug with top-of-the-line rental equipment. Conduit has been laid that would rival the Alaskan pipeline. The propane man is poised and ready for action. And did I mention THE RAMP? Oh, baby. Am I going to have A RAMP! One of my thoughts for the house design has always been to make it barrier-free. Any one of us could stumble into one of those ditches or become disabled by a fall on the dance floor at any moment; and I, for one, certainly want to be able to operate any type of mobility aid throughout the house without worrying about narrow doors or a flight of stairs......and make that a possibility for any visitors. And what A RAMP! By the time it's finished, the house may appear to be merely an afterthought. There's not a convention center or an opera house in town that has A RAMP like this one. Keep your eyes on this space for more pictures.....and more progress.