Friday, October 31, 2008

and it all began . . .

I can't really remember if I was carrying my clear plastic shoe box full of magazine clippings, internet renderings, philosophical essays from Dwell magazine and a plethora of likes and dislikes about houseplans culled and copied from every imaginable source when I walked into theworkshop 308 that first day..........I might have saved that for the very next day. I only know that if any other designers had seen a 65-year-old, white-haired lady pull up to the curb in a pickup truck with glimmerings of a $150,000-modern-house-with-lots-of-glass dancing in her head, shoebox or not, they would have locked the door or sent her down the street to the Victory Mission.

To their, it wasn't just to their was more like a back-lit miracle......they told me to make myself at home on the couch, or look through their books, and tell them what it was I had in mind.

Yes. That day was definitely the start of a good, good time.....the start of a shipping container house perched over the most beautiful rocky and wooded slope down to the James River.....and the partnership with theworkshop 308 ......namely, Michael Mardis, Ian Ford, Natalie Mardis, Jason Mitchell, and Courtney Ford.

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ocmist said...

This is such a cool idea! We are seriously thinking about making a home with these kind of containers, and so I will definitely be reading through your blog to see how and what you did! I am excited to even FIND something like this! Grammy from Country Corgis