Saturday, April 11, 2009

Meanwhile, back to the house........

Meanwhile, back to the house.......(I think I've become one of those lame people who come out on the stage during an all-school talent show to make small talk to the audience while the baton twirlers are getting in formation behind the curtain.....blah blah blah and everyone is thinking "let's get on with it so I can get home and watch the 10:00 news....."). This bllllogg is SUPPOSED to be about the HOUSE.

So, I'm excited to report that ALL of the windows are now installed....and that looks and feels really, really good. The electricity is all but hooked up in the house, I think.....but I'm not touching anything until I know for sure. The septic system is installed, complete with an alarm light that flashes when there is a problem.....and also complete with some words of wisdom from Chris when I started to whine about the leech (?) field. I saw a rendering that Jason made that shows how the ramp is going to tie in to the front porch and will lead to the carport/storage container. Very cool. And very practical. No stairs, just a ramp. Michael has been planing (not planning, but planing) the cedar boards that are going to "wrap" the porches and continue onto the ceiling in the kitchen and living area....and they look and smell really good. And I had a small session with Michael yesterday to talk about cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom and the three (count 'em) closets. Talk about winnowing. I am going to have to get rid of some real treasures before I move into this house. Minimalism is going to be my middle name. And I'm going to try to apply that practice not only to the closets and drawers, but to my daily life as well. Watch out. I will end up being very serene and knowing. My friend Sally led a Lunch Bunch tour to see the house yesterday in the rain, and told me that they left "a little something" for me in the living room. I bet it's either a Garden Gnome or a red shag rug. There goes serene.

And now, let's have a nice round of applause for the best little twirlers this side of Panther Creek.......(and I'll try to confine this space to my shipping container house). When possible.

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ocmist said...

Seeing as this was written a couple of years ago... It will be interesting to find out HOW you got your "STUFF" down enough to FIT into your new home! :) As I mentioned before, THAT scares me to death! I don't know if I CAN do that! :)