Sunday, May 24, 2009

Roof raised....trailer trash gone....more dirt.....

"Roof raised"....."trailer trash gone"......"more dirt".......sounds like Fox News at Nine, eh?

It was pretty exciting to drive out to the site Friday afternoon and see the roof on the house. It looks great. Perfect color, great material, good lines and the balance couldn't be better. The roof looks like it belongs to the structure. I hadn't been able to visualize what it was going to look like.....even with the decking in place.....but I couldn't be happier with the results.

And more dirt makes it look even more established.

As for the the trailer trash (metal scraps, plastic sheeting, wire, wood chunks, packing material, empty cartons, Dairy Queen cups, cans, stuff like that.....all piled on a trailer)'s gone. A lot of potential "outsider art" material there for the taking......but gone.

I'm thinking that the roof is the beginning of the end. Stay tuned.


Drea said...

It's looking awesome. Can't wait to have my own! :)

Anonymous said...

Sally and Tom gave us the $5 tour today and I'm so impressed with your new home. Beautiful location. Can't wait to see the final product.

MRod said...

What kind of materials are used? Is there a space between the top of the container and the room that is visible to the room? Or is there some kind of insulation up there?

Please do tell and take pics of you can.

Thank you for letting us in on your adventure.

ocmist said...

Looking good! :)