Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I forgot one tiny detail yesterday.....

I forgot one tiny detail yesterday when I was laying some of the groundwork for telling what messiahs theworkshop 308 really are. I laid out my nine-item "must have" list and my agri-industrial chic concept and all of the blathering about how long this journey had been and how "no one understands me".......and then I told them that my budget for this project was $150,000.00. And they didn't blink an eye. That is not an arbitrary figure. That is all of the money I can ethically and practically and realistically spend and still afford to live in it. And they nodded and smiled and agreed that they could design a great house for me at that figure. I'm pretty sure that wouldn't happen any place else around here.


ocmist said...

The price of one of these houses is what really draws us. We already have the land... in fact, we've lived out here on our 5 acres for over 20 years. Now, though, this place is to large for us as we think about going into retirement, and one of my sons is very interested in taking over the main house and using the corrals and rest of the horse set up of this place, like we used it when they were little.

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