Friday, December 5, 2008

According to "Blogging For Dummies"......

According to "Blogging For Dummies", one needs to be sensitive to the rhythm of the readers. The same person who wrote that (and the book, I presume) says that he (or she) writes in the evening to be considerate of the European readers.

So....let me apologize for my insensitivity in not bllllloging for a few days.....and let those folks in Europe know that if I could stay up past 10:00 I would be more considerate.

I just looked at my last entry, and was delighted and amazed at the pictures that had magically appeared. Sure is nice to have multi-taskers in your circle of friends. So what do you think? Are we rolling now? Can you see dreams realized before your very eyes? It has been one soap-opera, how-to documentary, epic film moment right after another......and the real fun is just beginning.

The holes are in the ground for the piers.....concrete and rebar will be next.....four containers are standing proud and glistening in the sunshine and shadows of the Grant Street Bridge.....plasma cutters are poised for door and window surgical removal.....all staff members are in a focused frenzy....and I will give you an eye-witness report in my next report. (With a slight delay for European readers.)

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