Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sign up NOW for a tour.......

Yessirree! Sign up NOW for a tour of a shipping container house in progress. Touch it! Stand inside! Look out the windows! Jump up and down! Close your eyes and imagine where this vessel has been! (or maybe not) Close your eyes again and imagine that this will be a real house someday soon! Self-guided tours are always or night.....or make arrangements for an informative PCO/D (plasma cutter operator/designer) guide to show you around and tell you hair-raising stories of sparks and grass fires and a transient support team nearby. And all of this is just a step the Queen City of the Ozarks.....Main Street, U.S.A.

I have taken a few folks through the containers myself lately, and have gotten rave reviews on this entire project of theworkshop 308. And I've been sending word of the blog to the out-of-state supporters and have heard nothing but oooohs and aaaaahs.

A few years ago, before theworkshop 308 existed, and I was in the midst of my search for the perfect plan.......I signed up to go to an Open House for the LV Home that Rocio Romero designed in Perryville, Missouri. It was a very long, but very scenic drive to a place where you would never expect to find a very modern, galvalume and glass pre-fab house in a million years. I passed through the town of Perryville and a few miles out of town turned off on a small, rural road. I saw a nice-sized typical Missouri barn beside the road, drove a bit through a field....and there it sat. There were about eight or nine other people there, milling around and looking at the house, and Rocio Romero and her husband and her sales manager Marshall were answering questions. Rocio, herself, took me through the house, and I absolutely loved it. It was so open, so simple, so efficient. We all then wandered down a dirt road to the banks of a river to where The Fish Camp, another of her designs, was perched. It was an extremely simple shed-like space, up on piers, with a nice big plumbing, no partitions, just an open space where you could enjoy the river and then close it up when you were ready to go home. They served some wine and cheese.....had a little small talk.....then got in my truck and drove to Greenville, or thereabouts, ate at a Dairy Swirl, camped out in a State Park and came home.

Plenty of inspiration came with that trip, and I'm sure glad I went........but I'm more glad that I've ended up with shipping containers in the middle of town, almost ready for the trip to the James River......and some very amiable, knowledgeable and hands-on designer/tour-guides. It's not too late to sign up.....BYO wine and cheese.

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With a PCO/D guide? That sounds interesting! :)

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