Monday, February 2, 2009

A word of thanks to the Springfield Business Journal....

A word of thanks to the Springfield Business Journal for a photo-journalistic adventure I didn't know I wanted or needed....but did.....and for the accompanying article and pictures by Jeremy Elwood and Aaron Scott that were just great.

The pictures were taken last Tuesday......the first day after the treacherous snow and ice storm......with a purpose and devotion and thoroughness that would befit the finest National Geographic photographer.

And the only words missing from the accurate and stimulating account of this project, were "if only these [shipping container] walls could speak of their journeys". And a phone call to Memphis was even made in an attempt to capture those.

All these years of reading, and I thought it was merely a Business Journal. I had no concept of the death-defying, global lengths to which these people will go to inform and to enlighten our community.

I am proud to have experienced this first-hand and have a new and better appreciation for all that you do and for all you have done for the Springfield Business community.

Thank you.


morawk said...

Thanks for the kind words, Marti. I had a great time! Please keep us updated on the progress.

Some of the extra photos, along with a few shots that theworkshop 308 provided, are in the photo gallery.

Ole said...

Aaron is fantastic photographer. SBJ is lucky to have a guy of his quality!