Thursday, January 29, 2009

Smoky Pumpkin.....Mossy Oak.......?


Without delving into any possible reasons that may have caused a Late-Life, Self-Induced, Oppositional/Defiant Color Disorder, let me just say that for quite some time now, I prefer to be surrounded (house, clothes, office, vehicle) by NO red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo or violet. My rainbow of choice would be shades of black, gray, brown, and white....with the possible inclusion of olive drab in the brown department, and dark navy blue that looks like black.

I haven't always been this way; in fact, it may have been an overdose of color throughout my life, and the resultant accumulation, that caused the onset of this dysfunction. To my credit, however, I am not the least bit sensitive nor judgmental about color in the rest of the world. In fact, I love color in the rest of the world. Just not for me.

I share this anomaly because we are approaching the time when the outside paint color will be chosen for the house.....and this may also be the time for possible conflict or the time for some polychromatic (thesaurus word) intervention. Or both.

Jason and Michael have been aware of this idiosyncratic issue from the very beginning of our relationship, and have been very professional and accepting for the most part......give or take the occasional smart remark about red shag rugs. Lately, however, they have said things like, "We need to start thinking about the color of your house" and, "We have seen some interesting paint chips that we think would be really nice on the outside of the containers". (All the while, exchanging cautious, yet knowing glances between themselves.) And so, it begins.

On a recent photographic outing with The Springfield Business Journal, during the worst weather and road conditions possible, Aaron Scott was privy to one of these non-colorful discussions on our way back to town. In the spirit of mediation and safe-driving, he remarked, "How about Mossy Oak?" (Not bad for a first-timer.) Later, that same day Natalie Mardis leaned forward with sparkling eyes and said, "Smoky Pumpkin.....not really a color....more like a shade. Smoky Pumpkin." (I'm sure she was well-coached.) And Jason and Michael keep bringing up orange.

My friend David has the best approach...even though he lives in California (and we all know about people in California and their ideas about color). He agrees with my "less (color) is more (better)" theory and selected colors that were actually visible in some of the blog pictures....dirt.....gravel....the hill across the river......dead grass....he even mentioned the eagle that has been visiting the house site (possibly attracted by a dead deer in the nearby field, according to Todd).....that may or may not have been color-related.

Meanwhile......regarding the color or non-color of the house, I am approaching a degree of flexibility and understanding. Let me repeat, I am APPROACHING a DEGREE of flexibility and understanding. How's that?

P.S. Before writing this, in my never-ending quest for self-actualization, I typed in "AVERSION TO COLOR" on Google, and found a most interesting site all about chromotherapy. (It said I was mostly okay.)


Betty said...

I am enjoying or finding interesting your blog entries. It is still exciting for me to "watch" (via the commentary) the progress on your house. But I feel a need to comment on the the non-color issue. I guess it strikes me as odd that a person can be adverse to color. I never knew that could be a problem for someone. I have always thought that being color-blind or losing my vision and not be able to take in all the beautiful colors God created would be THE WORST. I love all the subtle shades of green in the spring, to watch for the multitude of colored flowers beginning to bloom through the stark white of the snow, to watch the leaves in the fall turn so many different shades of red, gold, purple and yes, even bland brown, and to enjoy the wide variety of colors in a sunset. I wonder what turned you off to color?? The little bit of artist in me is fascinated by the fact that one can take only three colors- red, yellow and blue- and come up with any and every color there is. Only God can offer us such beauty and variety. And there you will be in your extraordinary new home this spring , surrounded by the new leaves, wild flowers, birds of every hue,the blue or gray sky, all the shades in the water and you don't enjoy them . I find that idea very sad.
I don't mean to sound judgmental, just curious.

Aaron said...

I think color aversion is just fine with your choice of life's accessories. Betty, what I take from the post is that Marti wants clean and simple lines and colors when it comes to her "house, clothes, office, vehicle." I think it's not a bad idea to let nature deal with the colors and keep the things (man-made) in our lives simple.

Marti, I remember your office before you moved in it when I was working during the summer (the hand prints all over the walls and faded/old paint), and then when I came back when you were getting settled in and saw this wonderfully painted silver wall, I couldn't believe it. It was totally awesome.

Jamie Wynne said...

John pointed me in your blogs direction. I'm looking forward to seeing the wonderful progress.

Betty said...

Dear Marti:
Eventhough we have exchanged personal emails on the color issue, I feel a great need to apologize publicly. I have gone back and re-read your blog entry and re-read (with embarrassment) my comments. I am so sorry for blasting you as I did. My comments are all about me. This is YOUR home and YOUR choices and they have nothing to do with me. I needed to have read more carefully the fact that you DO enjoy the colors of nature and that is exactly what you are doing with your new home. You will be able to take them all into your home and appreciate every wonderful hue that comes into your windows.
Please accept my apologizes for being a "loud mouth".

ocmist said...

I am in California and am appalled by some of the color combinations that some of the people in the cities come up with... even some in the country! I, too, like the more subtle colors of nature. I'm reading along from the beginning, so I have no idea where you went, but I hope you stuck to your guns... It is YOUR place and no one elses! :)