Monday, June 15, 2009

"a multi-disciplinary studio of architecture + design....."

"....a multi-disciplinary studio of architecture + design......." is what you will find if you visit And that is what you will find if you visit the 8747house site in Webster County these days.

Since Jason Mitchell and Michael Mardis took over the construction services for this project, I would imagine that "multi-disciplinary" has taken on some new meanings ......such as Michael's heroic rescue of a wren nest with five chirping babies from the duct work and the subsequent search for worms in an effort to keep them alive.....such as me holding a board to prop up a flashing strip while Jason welded the other end with sparks flying in every direction....such as having to find exactly the right pile of dirt over by the well to stand on in order to OCCASIONALLY get a cell phone signal....such as keeping fishing tackle in the storage container in case the fish are biting when it's time for a break....such as my hollering at the door installers and Jason and Michael to stop work and come watch a five foot long black snake as it made its way across the path and up to the top of a thirty foot tall tree......aaaagggggh......such as dealing with mosquitoes, ticks and wasps while standing on a ladder....such as politely answering questions and giving "tours" to the folks who may drop by to see "what is going on over here".....such as having the patience to explain the systems, the processes and the outcomes to me over and over again when I ask.....such as having the ability to guide and oversee and follow up on the "outside" work and workers involved....such as having the flexibility and the technical ability to make changes as they go that could be either more functional, more economical or of a better design as the house evolves....such as, above all else, having the astounding gift of being able to not only design an incredible house, but to have the knowledge and the experience to be able to construct that design themselves......and with an ever present work ethic that makes the ultimate difference in everything that they do.

I couldn't be happier with how things are going these days. It's definitely a multi-disciplinary experience.

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Hannah said...

Fabulous pictures, its getting so exciting its coming along so well.