Saturday, December 26, 2009

And what to my wondering eyes should appear.......

And what to my wondering eyes should appear?..........but a red rug on the floor.....from the Netzers, I fear. Yep. It was bound to happen. A person has a basic character it an aversion to color or a fondness for Precious Moments.....and some folks just won't let it alone. Don't count on seeing this rug on the floor for more than another few or not.
Phase 2: Technology. (I guess the phone installation was Phase 1......and not a whole lot less complicated than this one.) High definition......straight from Sam's.......not bad for a non-card-carrying, lukewarm-TV-watcher. (New chairs from Target in the picture......and old, rickety camping table from the basement.)
The TV in Morgan's room will be right over her desk. Check out the custom closet doors that Michael made from the translucent plastic panels in a metal frame.
By encasing the plumbing innards in steel, a fairly ordinary bathroom has been ramped up to industrial chic.......Michael and Jason's good idea.

And Jason has finished making the doors for Morgan's room and bathroom, for my bathroom and for the utility room from pieces that were initially cut out of the container walls. They plan to paint them white, but I'm sure attached to the "character" of the rust spots, dents and lettering and hate to cover that up.
This is Michael's Red Banana Berm plan. Try selling that to a landscape company from Rogersville. If I've learned one thing during this process, it is NEVER to use the term "dirt cheap" again. Instead of having just a flat area planted with Buffalo Grass on the non-river side of the house, we thought that berms would make it more interesting and help with the drainage issues as well. That was before learning how un-cheap dirt really is. We'll see how this turns out.


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