Saturday, January 9, 2010

Moved in......but not moved's a head shaker.

Moved in.....but not moved's a head shaker. For a whole lot of reasons.

I don't know where in the course guide for Designer/Builders it says, "Know when to stop......", but Michael and Jason could have written the syllabus for that part with their eyes closed.

They've always practiced the "less is usually more" philosophy with both their professional and personal lives, I've observed, and all of the GREEN and SUSTAINABLE principles that go along with it......but somewhere along the way, they have learned how to out-smart and HANDLE a sixty-six-year-old-hard-headed-set-in-her-ways person who could have (and might still) drag this project out another year or two. I'm here to tell you that when I started whining about outlets and doors and toilet paper holders and just exactly what I thought needed to be finished before I could possibly move in..............Jason leaned back in his chair and said, "I think you should just move in and start living there. Wednesday." And I did.

So......I've been handled. And don't think I couldn't write some stuff about how disappointed I am in myself by my inability to get organized, get moving, adjust my baggage to this space and to understand and operate Dish TV.........I'm not one bit happy with the way I've been acting. And don't think I have been a mature and accepting role model for Morgan's first week in this very different household........I actually HISSED at her when she tried to talk to me during my fourth (count 'em) phone conversation with the Dish Help Hotline. HISSED. (And, if hissing wasn't enough, I also had the gall to call Michael and accuse him of DOING something to the TV when he was spending the day installing outlets for the washer/dryer and making sure the ramp was clear, etc. etc.) Yes. It's a head shaker.

But.......all I need to do.......yes, indeed......all I need to do is to look at these pictures below and remember what it felt like to look out my window that first day.......MY WINDOW......and see what I saw.......and walk down to the river.....THE RIVER......WALK DOWN TO THE RIVER......and look up and see what I saw.......and that makes me shake my head again and again and again. I couldn't be happier.

View from the living room window
View from my bed.....into the woods
View from the porch at the end of my bedroom
View from the gravel(?) bar
View from my bedroom window

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JF Sebastian / Ysterkvisten said...

I really really like your blog and the house. Will there be more pictures from an 360C walk around session? I mean the house from all angles? I do envy you so much to get to move into your dream (or nightmare some days) house...