Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's a media event......

As momentum builds....electric ditch.....well-drilling.....dirt smoothing....plans to move the containers to the site.....crane-booking to hoist them up to the piers.....a frenzy of activity in my otherwise predictable life.....I determined that this was definitely news-worthy, by any standards. This was a media event. I checked with theworkshop 308, they said to go ahead, and I typed up a press release and sent it out to television stations and some newspapers; Jason added a rendering and some photos, and I sent it out again. No one else around here, that I know of, is building a house from shipping containers. And when that crane arrives tomorrow and starts lifting them up and placing them on the concrete piers, now that will be something to see. It's not exactly TIME or NEWSWEEK, but it's not your everyday Shriner parade either.

It will be interesting to see if anyone else shows up, but a very nice person from The News-Leader called today to say that she would sure be there and hopes to get a picture of a container swinging from the crane as it is put into place; and I heard that KSPR may be in attendance.

Yesterday it was Carharts and muddy boots.....tomorrow it's power suits and pumps. My career as the world's oldest living truant officer may be coming to an end. I may be Webster County's newest media "personality". Whooee.


Betty said...

It will be an exciting moment as the crane arrives and the containers are given their new home !! I wish I could be there to cheer with you.
Michael took us to the house site while we were visiting during new year's. What a beautiful place. I would love to put on my hiking boots and tramp through your peaceful woods and along the water. How will you ever get anything done at home with all the birds to watch and the deer peeking in your kitchen window?? I believe I see a hammock out in the yard, a good book and a pitcher of a cool beverage during those hot summer days when the rest of us are dealing with the heat of the concrete and brick buildings. You will have all the shade, breezes and cool water to wade in! I hope the media show up and it is a banner day for you and all the Carhart guys!!
Betty Mardis

Aaron said...

Hi, Marti!

I miss having you next door to me! I enjoyed working with you at Jarrett. I'm now working at Marshfield High School.

I saw your story on KY3 tonight, and I absolutely love the idea of what you're doing. I've driven my wife crazy talking about creating a unique home similar to your idea. I'm sure the view is wonderful there. I'd love to see it someday!

Looking forward to future updates on the blog!

--Aaron McGrath