Saturday, January 24, 2009

So much little time.....

Yeah, I'm mostly in negotiations with Regis and Kathy Lee these days.....they're just dying for me to come sit on one of those bar stools and gush about my, I'm very sorry for the delay in writing. (I don't have dogs.)

I have loved every minute of this interest and attention and thank anyone who took the time to comment about this project. It made me more aware of how thoughtful it is to merely look at and listen to what else is going on in the world. I could do a whole lot more of that myself, and will from now on. Thank you. the HVAC system is being installed on the roof.....the coils for the radiant heating were put down, the concrete floors were poured, and as the sun was setting over Panther Creek yesterday, Todd was bundled up, all by himself, applying some potent sealer stuff (probably addictive) on top of the concrete and making very polite conversation with a neighbor who dropped by to see what was happening. (Or maybe he was just attracted by the fumes........both Todd and the neighbor seemed in excellent spirits.)

The floor looks great.....and as The Dude would say, "it really ties the room(s) together......" Later.

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Anonymous said...

I'm currently reading every word of your blog and enjoying it immensely! I will not be able to get the shipping contaier home "thing" off my mind until I build one! This post has just added to the serendipity of my dream, as I will most likely be building on Panther Creek Road!