Sunday, January 4, 2009

This is only a test......

This is only a test. Please stand by. I just wanted to see if I could figure out how to 1) take a picture with my $60.00 Sears camera, 2) put it on the computer with the USB card that was EXTRA, 3) find it again, and 4) put it on this bllllllog page like Natalie showed me.....a long time ago.

Picture or not, it was pretty darned exciting when I drove out to the house site the other day....just to tromp around and check on the concrete piers and the ditch for the power stuff....(my idea of cheap thrills)....and when I got to the top of the last hill before the driveway I saw this magnificent, towering piece of equipment....roaring through the atmosphere like there was no tomorrow. I jumped out of my truck and they (Garrett-the-bull-dozer-man, and Todd, and Garrett's cousin and some other people) were drilling the well. Drilling the well. Pretty darned exciting. I felt like Elizabeth Taylor watching James Dean. And if that wasn't enough, here came Webster Electric to finish hooking up the transformer (or some such big deal) with enough manpower and flag men and pylons to do a routine for the Olympic Games. Impressive, to say the least. I had to get their permission, with a nod and a wave, to pull out and go home when I was ready. It's a miracle. Everyone seems to know exactly what they are doing. Everyone.

Now, let's see if that picture of the drilling rig appears.....yeah, I'm calling it a rig.

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ocmist said...

That's a familiar sight, only around here, the are drilling oil wells! :)